You Could be a Hat-Trick Hero at Bet365 Poker in May

Posted on by Loui Levino

Be a Hat-Trick Hero at Bet365 PokerBet365 Poker is inviting players to take on a trio of challenges each day throughout May and rewarding successful players with a share in more than €100,000.

Bet365 Poker has put together an innovative promotion for May to celebrate the close of the 2016/17 soccer season. The site´s “Hat-Trick Challenge” promotion gives players the choice of two three-stage challenges to complete each day, with tickets for All-In Shootouts, cash game tickets and general tournament tickets up for grabs.

Players can choose between a cash game challenge and a Sit & Go/Twister challenge each day and there are also weekly challenges to complete. Each of the daily three-stage challenges gets progressively harder, and although they favour players with larger bankrolls, the opportunity exists for every player to add to their bankroll at Bet365 Poker this month.

How the Hat-Trick Challenge Promotion Works

In order to take part in the Hat-Trick Challenge, visit the Missions section of the Bet365 Poker client each day. There you will be presented with a choice of two three-stage challenges. Simply select the challenge you want to tackle and press start. As soon as you have completed the first stage of the challenge, the second one will start automatically. The challenges will remain the same every day until Sunday 4th June:

Cash Game Challenge Requirement Reward
Goal 1 Get dealt AA, KK or AK Ticket for €500 All-In Shootout
Goal 2 Win 15 cash game hands Ticket for €1,000 All-In Shootout
Hat-Trick Pay €50 or more in rake €10 Cash Game Ticket

The cash game challenge must be competed on Bet365 Poker´s premium NL Hold´em tables with stakes of €0.05/€0.10 or higher (excluding heads-up tables). The cash game ticket must be redeemed within fourteen days and is subject to play-through requirements before it can be withdrawn.

S&G/Twister Challenge Requirement Reward
Goal 1 Get dealt AA, KK or AK Ticket for €500 All-In Shootout
Goal 2 3x suited connectors Ticket for €1,000 All-In Shootout
Hat-Trick Pay €25 or more in fees €5 General Tournament Ticket

The S&G/Twister challenge must be completed on Bet365 Poker´s Premium Steps games, Twister Sit & Go games or regular Sit & Go games with a buy-in of €2.00 or more. The tournament ticket can be used to enter any Sit & Go game or MTT, but also has a shelf life of fourteen days.

The Daily and Weekly Shootouts

There are three All-In Shootouts to aim for each week. The daily €500 shootout takes place at 7:30pm (GMT) each evening, the daily €1,000 shootout takes place at 7:00pm (GMT) each evening, and a weekly €10,000 shootout takes place each Sunday at 8:00pm (GMT) for players who complete four or more daily challenges to at least Goal 2 between Monday and Sunday.

In each of the three shootouts, players are all-in every hand and cannot influence their betting actions. Therefore, you do not have to present to play in the events, although it is important that you register manually for each one. Players who complete six daily challenges to at least Goal 2 within a week receive a second ticket to the €10,000 All-In Shootout. All other shootouts are single entry and unused tickets have no exchange value. All unused shootout tickets expire on Sunday 4th June.

Will You be a Hat-Trick Hero at Bet365 Poker?

It is difficult to conceive that many players will fail to qualify for at least one of the daily All-In Shootout tournaments, and that gives every player at the site the opportunity to pick up some free poker money during the month. The Hat-Trick stages of the challenges require a bit more effort, but over the course of the month could add €300 in cash game tickets or €150 in tournament tickets to a player´s bankroll.

Tournament players who are wondering why they have not been included in this promotion should note there is a separate MTT Missions promotion running until the 28th May. This promotion awards a seat in a weekly freeroll with €500 in prize money for entering three MTTs with a buy-in of €10.00 or less. Players can also win tickets to a weekly freeroll with €2,500 in prize money for entering three MTTs with a buy-in in excess of €10.00. Bet365 Poker is also in the middle of a €400,000 Spring Festival Series, so tournament players can hardly complain that they are hard done by,

The Hat-Trick Challenge promotion, the MTT Missions promotion and the Spring Festival Series are typical of the special offers constantly being provided by Bet365 Poker to its players. You can read more about the promotions offered by the site – including its excellent VIP Rewards program – in our Bet365 Poker review.