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Everest Poker is offering all new players €10.00 in free poker money when they download the software and create an account. There is also a 200% match bonus on new deposits and an excellent Rewards program, plus new players can take advantage of a Sit & Go promotion that offers even more free poker money. Find out more by reading my Everest Poker review or click “PLAY NOW” to visit the site straightaway.

April, 2024 – Everest Poker is one of the most recognized brands in the world of online poker. Founded in 2004, the site grew in profile when sponsoring the tables at the World Series of Poker at the height of the poker boom and for many years Everest Poker was one of Europe´s primary online poker forces.

Due to several member states of the European Union implementing their own ring-fenced markets, Everest Poker joined the iPoker Network in 2012. As a result, existing players now benefit from better liquidity, more valuable poker tournaments and an improved promotions schedule.

€10.00 for Free and a 200% Everest Poker Bonus

The benefits of being on the iPoker Network are not exclusively for existing players. New players can take advantage of a 200% Everest Poker bonus up to €1,500 plus receive €10.00 in tokens to test out the soft micro-stakes cash games without having to dip into their own bankrolls.

The first deposit bonus has a unique clearing structure, with the first €5.00 being cleared at 100% rakeback, the next €15.00 being cleared at 50% rakeback, and the remainder of the bonus being cleared at 25% rakeback. The bonus is released in increments of €0.50, and there is a handy bonus tracker in the Everest Poker client so you can easily observe your bonus progress.

If you register for an account with Everest Poker via the links on this page, you will also receive a tournament token to a Friday night €2,000 freeroll and 20 Reward Points to kick-start your VIP Rewards journey. The Reward Points can also be used to enter special “Rewards Tournaments” or exchanged for cash once certain qualifying criteria have been met.

Summary: The Everest Poker bonus is particularly generous and has a clearing structure that will appeal to players unable to spend a great deal of time playing online poker or those with modest bankrolls. Rating 9/10

Cash Games at Everest Poker

Everest Poker offers cash games of Texas Hold´em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo with stakes ranging from €0.01/$0.02 to €5.00/10.00. Most of the action takes place at the 6-Max Texas Hold´em tables, but there is also a fair bit of life at the low stakes Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

If you like your action fast and furious, Everest Poker also has Speed Poker – a fast-fold Texas Hold´em game available at a variety of stakes which allows you to fold your hole cards if you do not like them and be taken immediately to another table with a fresh set of cards.

Summary: Although the choice of poker variants is limited, there is enough choice to suit most players. The Speed Poker saves loads of time collecting the player points you need to clear the Everest Poker bonus. Rating 7/10

Plenty of Low Buy-in Tournaments with Guaranteed Prize Pools

One of the things I really like about Everest Poker is that the site hosts loads of low buy-in tournaments that have guaranteed prize pools. Among them there is a fair mix of freezeout and re-buy/add-on tournaments, with a few bounty events thrown in as well.

Not every event is geared towards the low stakes player however. The “Sunday Line-Up” guarantees more than €250,000 in cash prizes over fourteen tournaments. The feature event each week is the €100,000 guaranteed “Big Sunday” that has a buy-in of €75.00 and a comprehensive qualifying route for those with smaller bankrolls.

Summary: You will never be able to retire after winning an Everest Poker tournament, but there is often plenty of value to be had in the guaranteed events. Rating 8/10

Everest Poker´s VIP Rewards Add Extra Value

All the time you are clearing your Everest Poker bonus – and once it is cleared – you will receive 10 Summit Points for each Euro you contribute to the rake or pay to enter a poker tournament or Sit & Go game. Summit Points are converted into Reward Points, which can then be exchanged for cash or tournament entry tokens.

The more Summit Points you earn within a month, the higher Rewards Status you achieve. The higher status you achieve, the better exchange rate you get. For example, if you were to deposit €50 to qualify for a €100 Everest Poker bonus – and you cleared it within a month – you will have earned 4,000 Summit Points.

4,000 Summit Points sees you comfortably achieve VIP Level 6 – at which level your Summit Points are converted into Reward Points at the rate of 1.55 (6,200 Reward Points). 6,200 Reward Points can be exchanged for €50.00 cash and €20.00 in tournament tickets, so even if you did not win or lose a single cent during the month, your bankroll will have increased from €50 to €220! Not bad!

Summary: Everest Poker has one of the most achievable VIP Rewards programs around. It encourages you to put in the extra hours at the table and, if you do, the rewards can be fantastic. Rating 10/10

Everest Poker Promotions are Ideal for New Players

Everest Poker has a revolving selection of promotions – mostly involving a minimal deposit and the completion of a mission. When you complete a mission, you win a seat in a freeroll tournament or an “All-in Shootout” in which every player is all-in every hand until a winner is determined.

New players also get access to the Shasta Steps promotion for ninety days – a Sit & Go promotion in which the top 2 players in each game progress up to the next level. Take down first place at Level 6 and you win €15.00 of tokens that you can use at the cash tables or to enter Everest Poker tournaments.

Summary: Everest Poker promotions are worth going in for, even if it does mean you have to add another €10.00 each week to your bankroll. Somebody has to win the freerolls! Rating 7/10

The Standard of Play is Quite High

As Everest Poker is part of the iPoker Network, it shares its database with other skins on the network. Therefore, although you might be playing online poker at Everest Poker, you could be sitting at a table comprised of players from bingo sites such as Gala, or online bookies such as William Hill.

You could also be playing against players from dedicated poker sites such as Genting Poker or Titan Poker; so it is important that you observe the betting actions of other players to identify whether they are loose, casual players that you should take on, or experienced semi-professional players who it may be best to avoid.

Summary: If you understand bankroll management and play within your limits, you will not have the misfortune of losing all your money in one session. Rating 7/10

Decent Level of Traffic at Everest Poker

Because of its international appeal, there is always a decent level of traffic at Everest Poker. Most of the action takes place from around 6:00pm (CET) during weekdays, and the best tournaments to get involved in take place during the Western European evening.

Out of peak hours, there are plenty of opportunities to get value from under-subscribed poker tournaments or qualifiers to more valuable events. You will always get a game on the Speed Poker fast-fold tables, or on Everest Poker´s Twister game – a three-handed hyper-turbo Sit & Go that pays out random prizes according to the spin of a wheel prior to the game getting underway.

Summary: There are not so many peaks and troughs in traffic as you may find at other, localized sites and plenty of value to be found during the quieter times. Rating: 7/10

The Everest Poker Download

Few Everest Poker reviews focus on the technicalities of downloading poker software and registering an online poker account, so I am quickly going to run through the process. If you encounter any problems that are not covered below, Everest Poker has a comprehensive – although somewhat hidden – Help section on its website.

Everest Poker Compatibility

Everest Poker is only compatible with Windows. There currently is no Everest Poker for Mac or mobile option. Furthermore, the Everest Poker download requires a considerable amount of disk space. Most modern computers should be able to cope with the demands, but it is better to double check these system requirements before starting the Everest Poker download.

Downloading Everest Poker for Windows is a very straightforward operation. Simply follow the links on this page to the Everest website. Click on the “Play Now” button to be taken to the download page, and click “Download!” The “Set-Up Poker.exe” file will start to download at once and should take less than a minute before it is ready to install.

Once downloaded into your containing folder, double click on the .exe file to start the installation. The first page you are asked to navigate is the software terms and conditions. I always recommend reading these to ensure you are aware of what you are committing to. If you accept the T&Cs, click next and the Everest Poker software installs automatically.

Summary: The process for the downloading the Everest Poker software is incredibly straightforward. I would give it a higher rating if it were not for there being no Everest Poker for Mac. Rating 7/10

Registering an Account with Everest Poker

At the end of the installation, the poker client automatically launches after checking for any recent software updates. You can start the registration process by clicking on the red “Create My Account” button on the login screen, which will take you to a secure web page.

The questions asked on the registration form are very straightforward. I recommend selecting your preferred currency to be the same as your funding source to avoid foreign exchange charges and make sure that you enter your details in the same format as appears on any documentation you will use to verify your account (prove your ID and your address).

You will be asked to select your username and password, set up a security question to retrieve your password if you ever forget it, and read another set of terms and conditions (please do not ignore this step). Live chat is available if you encounter any problems during the registration process, or if there are any terms and conditions that you are not sure about.

Summary: I recommend that you verify your account at the earliest possible opportunity. You will need to complete this process before making any withdrawals. Rating 10/10

Making Your First Deposit on Everest Poker

Once you have installed the Everest Poker software and created your account, you have the option of making your first deposit on Everest Poker. You do not have to do it straightaway, and can get accustomed to the software first before committing any of your hard earned cash to the site, but ultimately most players will make a deposit on Everest Poker to take advantage of the first deposit bonus.

Depending on your country of residence, you will be presented with a number of options. Most players will be able to make their first deposit on Everest Poker using a Visa or MasterCard but, where available, I suggest using an eWallet such as Skrill or Neteller to keep your poker funds separate from your living expenses.

Summary: All deposits on Everest Poker are 100% secure and free of charge. Live chat is again once available if you encounter any difficulties. Rating 10/10

Fair Gaming at Everest

Everest Poker is geared towards recreational low-to-mid stakes players – players that there is a lot of competition for in the world of online poker. Consequently the site goes to great lengths to ensure the highest standards of fairness are applied at all times. It only takes one proven allegation of cheating, and the site could lose all its players.

Consequently, all transactions are encrypted, and Everest´s security team is constantly watching out for collusion. If caught breaking the terms and conditions of joining Everest Poker, your account will be closed and any money you have in it distributed among the players you are considered to have cheated.

Summary: No complaints about the fairness of the games at Everest Poker or some of the security checks you may be asked to complete. Rating 10/10

Everest Poker Customer Support is One of the Best

Although the Everest Poker software is available in fifteen different languages, email customer support is only available in English, German, Polish and Hungarian (or Spanish, French or Italian if you live in a ring-fenced country). Live chat support is only available in English and although it is advertised as only being available between the hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm (GMT), I found it was working late in the evenings as well.

Response times are fairly good. You normally receive a reply to an email enquiry within four hours (a proper response, not an automated message acknowledging your query), and I have never waited longer than a few seconds to connect via live chat. As a rule Everest´s customer support is pretty knowledgeable and it is unlikely that you will have to ask a question more than once.

Summary: Because Everest Poker focuses mostly on online poker, its customer support personnel are not “jacks of all trades, masters of none”. Rating 9/10

What Else Does Everest Do?

Not a lot really. There are a few in-client games of blackjack if that is your thing, but no online casino or sportsbook. As well as failing to provide poker software for Mac users – or an “Instant Play” browser version of its software – Everest Poker offers nothing for mobile poker players. You either have to download the Everest Poker software onto a laptop and take it everywhere you go, or stay at home.

Summary: Quite disappointing in this area. Rating 1/10

Everest Poker Conclusion

My overall rating of Everest Poker may be a little lower than for other poker rooms featured on this site, but that is because Everest is a particularly good dedicated poker site for new players and not so good for those with a bit of experience or who want a greater variety of poker games or other gambling opportunities.

Undoubtedly Everest Poker offers a good introduction to online poker, and the way in which the first deposit bonus is cleared is worth new players getting involved at the site. But, will you stay there after clearing the Everest Poker bonus or look for more lucrative opportunities elsewhere? My guess is that the latter option will win almost every time. Overall Rating: 7.84/10