Easiest Poker Sites To Win Money

Back when I used to be a poker coach, whenever I’d get a new student who would be paying me to help them improve their game, the very first thing I did was to get them to switch to the easiest poker sites to win at. They were pretty much all losing players, or were players who were winning a small amount but wanted to beat the games more. They thought that I’d be focusing on giving them tips to get better and that was going to take them to where they wanted to be. They all found that the best tip I gave them was to switch to easiest poker sites. This just wasn’t from a tough poker site to win at to an easy one though, sometimes it was from an easy one to an easier one. This in itself made all the difference, and I can’t remember even one student who didn’t go from losing to winning right away. Then, as I provided them the poker lessons, they became even better and made even more money.

There are two main elements in determining a player’s rate of success at online poker. The first is of course a player’s skill level. The better you are at playing online poker, the better the chance that you’ll have to beat other players. This is what most players focus on, and most focus on it exclusively. Isn’t that the most important thing? It’s important, but what’s even more important is choosing the easiest poker sites to win at.

Is There Really that Much Difference Between Easy and Tough Sites?

Imagine that you are comparing two players, one with a skill level of 8 out of 10, and one who is only at 5 out of 10. Now the player who is an 8 plays at the larger and more challenging poker sites. The competition he plays against are generally as good or better than he is, and he actually loses more money than he makes. He’s working hard on improving though, and he ends up bringing his game up to a 9 out of 10 with a little time, and now he’s making a small profit.

How Is the Weaker Poker Player Faring?

Our other player knows far less about what he’s doing, but he plays at much easier poker sites to win at, where the competition is much weaker and easier to beat. He does know a little about how to play poker though, and this modest amount of skill has him crushing the opponents at these easier poker sites. This is because the skill level there is only a 2 or 3 on average, as opposed to an 8 or more at the tougher poker sites. As he gets better, our relatively weaker player makes even more money, and climbs up the stakes rapidly, where the competition is a little better but far less competent than even the smallest stakes at the tougher sites.

Shouldn’t Poker Skill Count for More?

So if our two players in this example ever played head to head, the stronger one, the 8 out of 10, would totally cream the weaker one at 5 out of 10. However, the better player is struggling where he plays, while our less competent friend is making money hand over fist. Now if you think this is an exaggeration of the differences between the easiest and hardest poker sites, think again. I can tell you from personal experience that the difference is at least this big.

I play the highest stakes at the easiest poker sites, and I cream the players there. From time to time I check out the small stakes at the tougher poker sites to win at, just to get a feel for what the competition is like. I’m always amazed at how much better these low stakes players are than the much higher stake players that I usually play against. Now I can still beat these players as I’m a poker expert but the best anyone can do is just grind out a small hourly rate. That’s what the best players there do, but why would you want to do that when you do so much better playing elsewhere?

Why Do So Many Players Play at More Difficult Sites?

There are a number of reasons why this happens, and all are based upon not appreciating the advantages of the easiest poker sites properly. To start out with, large poker sites spend a lot of money on marketing, with slick advertising campaigns designed to lure players to their sites. They also pay other poker sites who are claiming to offer players information on the best places to play, but they don’t have their players’ best interests at heart at all, they are instead often motivated only by their own interests.

Mostly, these website owners simply do not know any better, and may not realize the disservice they are providing to their visitors by not focusing on what’s really important, which is how soft or hard the competition is at a given poker site. They tend to focus way too much on other factors which are of little consequence in comparison, like the amount of traffic a poker site gets, or how flashy their software looks. Even the biggest poker information sites commit these sins, and in terms of the success of their referred players, it is unforgivable.

Isn’t Traffic Very Important?

A great many players believe this, but it’s simply a deception. If you are looking to sit down at a poker table, which would you prefer choosing among – a hundred difficult tables, or a few easy ones? Only a fool would choose picking from among all those tough tables, yet if this is true, most online poker players are indeed fools. We’re not going to be letting ourselves be fooled this way though, and if there is a single good table at an easier poker room that is easier than the one we’re sitting at now, and generally much easier at that, we’re going to want to be there rather than here. Isn’t this just common sense? It’s far from common though.

What If I Like to Multi-table, Don’t I Need to Be at a Big Site?

First off, I don’t recommend that players play more than a few tables at a time. This differs among players somewhat, but for most people you should only be playing one at a time anyway. If you’re looking to be a good player, you shouldn’t be striving to play a mindless game, which is really all you can play if you’re playing a whole bunch of tables at once. However, even if you insist on doing that, you need to stop and think about this for a minute. If you’re playing 16 tables at a mega poker site, and there’s just one table out there in the whole world that’s running an easier game, why in the world are you thinking that there needs to be 16 of them before you’d consider it? The truth is, this is a pretty stupid way to think. Why not replace one of your tough tables with the easier one? Who says you can’t play at more than one poker site at a time? Eureka!

If you like to play multi table poker, continue reading our top MTT poker tournament sites page here.

Many Players Simply Just Aren’t Aware of Which Poker Sites Are Easiest

You really need to do your homework to be in the know here, as far as knowing which poker sites are the easiest, and players generally don’t want to do any research at all into anything, let alone the comprehensive research that this requires. For one thing, you have to have played at a great many poker sites to be in any position at all to judge this properly. This by itself isn’t enough though, as you really need to be in the know as far as the online poker industry as a whole goes, as there are other factors that come into play that you need to be aware of.

Players don’t have the time or the connections to do this properly, so they need to rely on the expertise of others here. Those who they must rely on need to have the genuine interests of their audience at heart though. I have the expertise and the knowledge to provide this for you, and my recommendations are based upon where you truly need to be in order to put yourself in the best position to succeed at online poker. I take a lot of satisfaction in helping players do better, and I am ready to do the same for you.

Isn’t it True Though that the Biggest Sites also Have the Most Fish?

A lot of people think this, but once again, they are confused. It’s not the total amount of fish, it’s the ratio of fish to good players that matters. At the biggest poker websites, you do indeed see some tables which are pretty fishy. What happens though is that by the time you find it, there are 10 people already on the waiting list, with the same idea as you. There might be 2 or 3 fish at this table at most, and by the time you get to sit down at it, they are long gone, having busted out, and have been replaced by the sharks who smelled their blood long before you have. So instead of playing at a juicy table, the blood on the water has made this table even tougher than normal. On the other hand, at the truly fishy sites, there are very few sharks and there’s more than enough fish for all.

Where Poker Sites get Their Players From Is the Real Important Thing

There’s a reason why some poker sites are easier and some are not, and the main reason is the type of players they attract. Who would you rather play against, players who specialize in online poker, or players who focus primarily on other games, like casino gambling or sports betting like Bodog Poker, and just play poker on the side for entertainment? Not only is the skill level of these part time poker players much less, but they are accustomed to losing big at these other games, and they don’t mind dropping a bunch more money at the poker tables as well. It’s the action they crave, and this has them playing way too many hands and generally not knowing when to fold, which makes them much easier to beat than the typical online poker player that you find at the tougher sites. I know where poker sites get their players, and what effect that has on the ease of winning money there, and you can bet that this factors in very significantly in my recommendations to you.

It’s a Lot Better that They Don’t Know

If everyone knew the huge difference that playing at the easy poker sites makes, then good players would all flock there, and they wouldn’t be so easy anymore. Fortunately, only a few people are fortunate enough to read my articles and reviews, and the misinformation is so ingrained in the poker culture of today that there’s absolutely no hope that I can reach more than a few players. That’s good for us though, and as obvious as this all should be to you as far as making sense goes, don’t count on it catching on too much. As it turns out though, we wouldn’t want it any other way, as we’d much rather have less boats in the best fishing grounds, so that we can continue to fill our boat every day without any real competition.

You Don’t Need to Be Good to Win at the Easiest Poker Sites

So many players long for the so called good old days when it was so easy to find games where the action was nice and loose. Players didn’t like to fold too much back then, and all you really had to do was to play better cards than they did, and you’d be raking in the dough. What happened over the years is that too many people caught on to this and decided to play tight as well. Nowadays, at the tougher poker sites, it’s pretty much a tight fest so to speak, with very few players playing loose at all. They are still around, but once one does sit down, they get hammered out of their money very quickly, and it’s usually someone else at the table and not you that gets their money.

These games are still beatable, but it takes much more skill to be able to eke out even a small hourly win rate. However, that’s as good as it gets these days, right? Well think again, as there still are some much looser games out there where you can win money simply by playing good cards, and we’re putting you in touch with them. Let the other players think all that, that the games have really dried up and such, as we know better. Of course, as you improve your game at the easiest poker sites you’ll win even more money.

Not Only Juicy Cash Games, But Poker Tournaments As Well

Tournaments, whether they be sit and go or multi table tournaments, have gotten a lot tougher at most poker sites as well. Once again though, that’s not the case at all with the easiest poker sites to win at, as the competition continues to be soft at all the games there, at both cash games and tournaments. In fact, if you like tournaments and are fairly good at them, then this is really the place to be. As a general rule, doing well at poker tournaments requires more skill, and the competition at the easy poker sites lacks poker skill generally, so they will really be behind you if you are even decent at these.

If you want further information on poker tournaments, read our page about tournament poker sites, which covers the best poker sites for playing different kind of poker tournaments.

There’s More To It than Just Weak Competition

As important as the element of soft competition is, which should be pretty clear by now, I don’t want you to think that this is the only thing that goes into recommending the best poker rooms to play at. There are other considerations as well which need to be accounted for, such as the ease of depositing and withdrawing money, initial deposit bonuses, the generosity of their reward program, the ease of their software, the traffic there, and so on. You can rest assured though that I consider all of these factors when making recommendations and have you covered in every aspect of what matters.

Break Out Your Mirror, it’s Time to Make a Change

Just like Michael Jackson, you need to look at the man in the mirror (or the woman) and see who is really responsible for your fate as a poker player, and allow that person to make the change that is needed to make things better. So often, players blame so many other factors, like their luck, bad beats, the game is getting tougher, and so on. What they need to do, and what you need to do, is to realize that it’s been you all along that has made things so difficult for you. If you’re a losing player, I’m sure you’re sick of it, and if you’re a marginally winning player, I’m sure you’re tired of waiting to start making some real money from the game. So why wait any longer? Let me put my years of experience recommending the best poker sites to play at to work for you. Check out my well thought out list of the easiest poker sites to make money at above and take a look at yourself and make that change.